Frequently Asked Questions

What is XpertCapture?

XpertCapture is a data capturing solution that is deployed as SAAS (Software As A Service) product. It is a modern data capturing solution which offers different types of interface to capture data. Currently it supports 3 input interface and they are Web, Java mobile based Application and Android OS based mobile Application.

What is SAAS?

Software as a Service (SaaS) is a software distribution model in which applications are hosted by a vendor or service provider and made available to customers over a network, typically the Internet. Unlike traditional software which is conventionally sold as a perpetual license with an up-front cost, (and an optional ongoing support fee), we price our applications using a subscription fee, most commonly a monthly fee or an annual fee. Consequently, the initial setup cost for our product is typically lower than the equivalent enterprise software. We price our applications based on usage parameters, such as the number of users ("seats") using the application. However, unlike traditional software we will save your big budget for installing the server infrastructure and other initial setup costs and also DBA and other maintenance cost.

Which types of business does it cover?

XpertCapture is developed as a generic and configurable moduler based application. It is useful in Pharmaceutical Order and DCR data capturing, self order placement by Customer or dealer or agent, Sales and Return transaction capturing by any Sales & Distribution based company.

I have already a System, Can I use it?

Yes, you can. You don’t need to replace your existing system. To import the captured data, you can choose any of the integration methods which are appropriate for you. XpertCapture provides different way of integration with other system and they are using .Net API, WCF Web Service, REST service and the primitive Excel or CSV data file.

I need an automatic way of data integration. How is it possible?

Using the .Net API, WCF Web Service or REST service, you can send and receive data from XpertCapture anytime. You can create a module in your system to connect with our system periodically and fetch or send data. You can also take our consultancy for the integration.

What are the extra benefits i will get from it?

Unlike traditional software implementation, there is no instalment charge or upfront cost for XpertCapture. Just subscribe and use as use and pay basis. XpertCapture will save your valuable time in many ways. To use XpertCapture, there is no long process for procurement, development and deployment. Just take your decision, subscribe and use and a big smile. However, unlike traditional software we will save your big budget for installing the server infrastructure and other initial setup costs and also DBA and other maintenance cost.

What is the Subscription fees to use XpertCapture?

In general, the subscription fee for per user per month is BDT 99. But XpertCapture provides you an affordable offer based on your user number. Initially we offer

Users → user/month
1-100 → BDT 99.00
1-500 → BDT 95.00
1-1000 → BDT 90.00
1-1500 → BDT 85.00
1-1500+ → BDT 80.00

What are the hardware require to use it?

You don’t need huge hardware setup or multiple computers to use XpertCapture. You can use single Computer for reporting and other data analysis job and you can use multiple java mobiles or android mobiles as workstation for data entry. Mobiles are less costly then computer. Our Java Mobile Application, XpertCapture Lite can run on low priced java mobile starting from BDT 4000 . But remember, if your business contains huge product list and customer list, then we are recommending you to use mobile phones which price is little bit higher or around BDT 5500. You can also use Android devices. Now you can get Android base mobile phone with affordable price. Remember, for XpertCapture, all the devices are required to have internet connection and they can be connected or on demand connected.

I have a small business, can I use it?

Yes, you can. You don't need to buy a Sales or Order system with big amount. You can use the XpertCapture as your Sales or Order system with only BDT 99.00 per month.

I have no FieldForce. I want, my customer will order by themselves. Is it possible in XpertCapture?

Yes, It is possible. Just set the AllowSelfOrder value to true on customer information and tell your customer to download the XpertCapture Lite and register, create and send the order.

How does the DCR work in XpertCapture?

We know, for pharmaceuticals industries DCR is an important features. In XpertCapture, DCR will collect following information
1. Doctor: user will pick a doctor from the doctor list
2. Products: user will pick one or more products from the product list about what he talked with the doctor.
3. Spent Minutes: Total time he spent with the doctor in minutes during a doctor call.
4. Comments: Comments on the meeting with the doctor
5. Gift Item: One or more gift items which he gave the doctor on the call. User will pick gift item from the gift list one by one and put the quantity for each item. User will input the gift in an Excel like grid interface.

Does the DCR feature of XpertCapture provide any extra benefits?

Yes, The DCR feature provides an extra analysis scope in XpertCapture. From the collected DCR information you will be able to measure the performance of a Doctor. In XpertCapture, a doctor is connected with his nearest customers. Using XpertCapture, we collect the product list on which a doctor is being informed during a Doctor Call. From XpertCapture, you can easily get the order quantity of the called products of a doctor’s attached nearest customers. Using these data you can easily measure the impact of a doctor call and can improve your call policy.

Can i unsubscribe your service at anytime?

Yes, you can unsubscribe our service at anytime. We don't restrict you any way. We are promised to provide full controll and comfortability to you.

So, what overall benefits i am getting from XpertCapture?

There are many benefits you may gain by using XpertCapture.
1. You don’t need to buy it with big amount. You can use it as Use and Pay basis. If your 10 users use it then we will charge you only for 10 users.
2. You don’t need any server infrastructure and maintenance people
3. You don’t need any data entry operator to entry the captured data to sales or order system
4. You don’t need multiple computers to capture data. You can use single Computer for reporting and other data analysis job and can use multiple java mobiles or android mobile as workstation for data entry. Mobiles are less costly then computer.
5. You have flexibility to unsubscribe our service at anytime. In general, if you purchase a software with a big amount, you have no option to return it whether you use it or not and also whether it increased your productivity or not. If you don’t use it, it refers to a loss of big amount of your company.